Hey guys!!! I downloaded a new app called episode! It is great. You get to read stories and ask questions to the author. You can get new stories every 3 days! I REALLY suggest downloading it.
OMG I just saw RCMP officers with their horses!

Spring break

Hey guys!! As you know, spring break just started. So fun beyond belief! Or is it? Well, today I got all exceeds (perfect) on gymnastics. But the boys KEEP calling me a kitty cat, a stupid, annoying, idiot cat. That is what they are saying! I love cats though! I tell them to stop, but they just wont listen!
Anyway, my report card came in today, and guess what? I got a terrible mark. I got practically all bad or just plain old average. Aaaggghhhh!!!!!!!
My cat wouldn’t move out of the way when I had to check on my sunflowers. I am growing sunflowers! Anyway, so I put him in my shirt and brought him out with me. It was raining, so you should have seen his bushy tail!

Anchor babies

So, we are doing an exhibition about anchor babies. We have made a survey and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Happy new year

We all know the new year. We all celebrate in different ways. I am very excited to have some fun for 2014. Here is my favorite way to celebrate: GO TO A PARTY!!!!!!!!!! First, I like to make b-fast in bed for my parents. I also like to go to many parties. I love new years.

Merry Christmas

Hey peoples! Today is Christmas Eve Day, and right now I am relaxing at home with my family. What are your plans for winter break and Christmas? Comment on the side. We like to relax and go for dinner somewhere special. We also like to go to church, and I also like to celebrate with my toys. Sometimes we also like to play with friends or go see plays or dances. On the weekend we went to see a play called Mary Poppins. You may recognize some of the songs… šŸŽµjust a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!šŸŽµ supercalifragilisticexpialadociousšŸŽµ Fly a kitešŸŽµ those are just a few of the songs. Don’t forget to check out Mary Poppins!
We went to dinner first and one of my fave gifts was a microphone and two new cd’s!! They were: Katy Perry PRISM! And Lady Gaga ARTPOP. I also liked the 10 million chocolates. But the best gift of all, it was a new cat named Mocha!

Icarly’s done

Hey peoples. You all know about the iCarly’s last episode last year. It’s really sad. I think that iCarly should start back up, who agrees with me?! I know Sam and Cat is in, but I think when thats over, iCarly should start back up. If you agree with me, comment saying so. Trying to get 100 comments saying yes! Send this link to your friends. It would be great to have iCarly back! If you think another show should start back up, comment what it is, and that you would like to make a post about it. Send me what you think I should say, and I will make the post. GO ICARLY!!!!!! Also if you liked iCarly, you should watch Drake and Josh. Miranda Cosgrove was so much younger as Megan!